1. Giirrllll join the club 😩 I was purposely staying away from that curl love milk because it was $17 but recently i ended up giving in & it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’m on the verge of tossing out all my cheap & expensive leave-ins just because of this one great product.

  2. Camille Rose Naturals is my Holy Grail. I have used the product line for a year now. I've used 11 products from the line & CRN never disappoints. I have very fine, thick, kinky coily low porosity hair. You should try CRN Coconut Water Collection & do a review on it.

  3. The more I continue watching your videos the more I realize how similar our hair is! I love a lot of these same products and I won't lie when you posted the video about not using oil I was like wtf lol but the more I keep watching I'm like I think you may be on to something . Between the Curl love and the shea moisture milk which do you like best for a wash n go?

  4. I nees to stop playing, your intro dance won me over to subscribe 😂😂. I've been watching your vids for a minute, no idea why I wasn't subscribed though 🤔. I got some products to try out I see, I've low porosity hair so I'm loving this series. 😚

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